Mirror effect

Sunglasses Charly Therapy IVO MIRRORED BLUE


Price €24.00
- IVO20
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Dazzle everyone and multiply protection with the mirror effect sunglasses from Charly Therapy. All the lenses of our sunglasses have a UV400 filter but the mirror effect sunglasses add an extra protection. Its outer face has a reflective chemical treatment that gives it its mirror finish, this effect makes the light bounce and improves the performance of the lens, helping to prevent eye fatigue.

That is why they are the most used in winter and nautical sports, their “boom” was in the 70's but we have not forgotten them. Year after year they are gaining ground in street looks, on the top catwalks around the world and in the wardrobes of the most chic celebrities. Have you already fallen for mirrored sunglasses or are you still resisting? Cheer up.