Outlet sunglasses

Sunglasses Charly Therapy MELODY MILITARY


Price €24.00
- MEL17
Vintage round sunglasses with green lenses
Sunglasses Charly Therapy MELODY TORTOISE / MUSTARD


Price €24.00
- MEL90
Vintage round sunglasses in warm colors
 Charly Therapy Black vintage style cat eye sunglasses- 1


Price €24.00
- GIG71
Black vintage style cat eye sunglasses
Sunglasses Charly Therapy GIGI MARBLE PINK


Price €24.00
- GIG42
Pink vintage style cat eye sunglasses
Sunglasses Charly Therapy NIZA TORTOISE


Price €24.00
- NIZ11
Oversized vintage style sunglasses in tortoise
 Charly Therapy Black sporty sunglasses- 1


Price €24.00
- GAB7
Black sporty sunglasses
 Charly Therapy Sporty sunglasses with green lenses- 1


Price €24.00
- GAB17
Sporty sunglasses with green lenses
 Charly Therapy Autumn sporty sunglasses- 1


Price €24.00
- GAB33
Autumn sporty sunglasses
 Charly Therapy Brown sporty sunglasses- 1


Price €24.00
- GAB8
Brown sporty sunglasses
 Charly Therapy Black and tortoise mask style sunglasses- 1


Price €24.00
- TOM7
Black and tortoise mask style sunglasses
 Charly Therapy Amber mask style sunglasses- 1


Price €24.00
- TOM31
Amber mask style sunglasses
 Charly Therapy Brown mask style sunglasses- 1


Price €24.00
- TOM80
Brown mask style sunglasses
 Charly Therapy Mask style sunglasses with green lenses- 1


Price €24.00
- TOM17
Mask style sunglasses with green lenses
 Charly Therapy Brown aviator sunglasses- 1


Price €24.00
- DOU12
Brown aviator sunglasses
 Charly Therapy Mate red Blue Light Blocking Glasses- 1


Price €24.00
- JER932
Mate red Blue Light Blocking Glasses
 Charly Therapy Vanilla Blue Light Blocking Glasses- 1


Price €24.00
- JER951
Vanilla Blue Light Blocking Glasses
 Charly Therapy Square Computer Glasses- 1


Price €24.00
- COO905
Square Computer Glasses
 Charly Therapy Dark red Computer Glasses- 1


Price €24.00
- ANG932
Dark red Computer Glasses
Polarized sunglasses Charly Therapy PALMA AMBER


Price €29.50
- PAL33
Amber square cat-eye polarized sunglasses
Polarized sunglasses Charly Therapy PALMA GRANITE


Price €29.50
- PAL10
Black and white square cat-eye polarized sunglasses

Be part of the Charly Therapy universe and find your favorite sunglasses with up to a 50% discount. Best of all are their unique frames, funky styles, and vintage-inspired designs. Do not lose sight of these models because they tend to disappear quickly.

We love to offer you the trendiest models, but we cannot leave out those that continue to cause a sensation before the season changes. Find models from the permanent collection classics, the latest units and limited edition polarized sunglasses before they disappear.

The best discounts on sunglasses

Discover exclusive Charly Therapy designs throughout the year and take advantage of up to 50% off the original price on your favorite glasses with the vintage touch that characterizes us. Nothing better than finding your favorite glasses available at unbeatable prices, but always maintaining the same quality and protection.

If you have doubts about these models, we leave you a Q & A to solve all your doubts.

What are the standards of Charly Therapy's sale sunglasses?

Although they are at outlet prices, on our Sale sunglasses page, the glasses maintain the same comfort and high quality standards as those of our newest collections.

Do discount sunglasses also protect the eyes from the sun?

Charly Therapy outlet sunglasses offer total UV protection, with a UV400 filter, following local and international standards. In Spain they are regulated through the European regulation UNE-EN 1836 of 2006, which contemplates a series of standards that glasses must meet before going on the market.

How can I make my glasses last longer?

It's very easy, you just have to take care of them as if they were your most precious treasure. All our glasses in the permanent collection and in the Sale of sunglasses section include a microfiber cover, ideal for cleaning your lenses in a delicate way.

We also recommend that you keep them in their case when you are not using them, this way you will avoid scratches when they rub against other objects in your bag.

When will I be able to know when the glasses I want will be in the outlet?

If you want to know if the sunglasses you like will have a discount, follow us on our social networks and subscribe to our newsletters. So you can stay up to date on all our news and incredible offers. You will be the first to take advantage of everything we offer before they are gone!

How long will the sunglasses be in the Charly Therapy sunglasses sale section?

The sunglasses on sale are available while supplies last, don't think twice, because there are very few units left of the models that you can find in our outlet section. Don't let them escape!

What does "glasses with polarized lenses" mean?

The glasses in our "limited" collection are sunglasses equipped with polarized lenses. The crystals have a coating that blocks annoying glares, especially light reflected on the water. The use of polarized sunglasses is known to take care of the health of your vision by reducing visual fatigue, ideal for people with high sensitivity to light. These types of glasses are the best to optimize color perception, ensuring greater color sharpness and natural contrast.

How can I choose the best sunglasses from the online outlet for me?

We recommend you look for a model that suits your face so that the sunscreen protects you adequately.

Make sure the frame is neither off-center nor far from the face. If you want to know which frame best suits your type of face, we invite you to take a look at our blog: Which glasses suit you best according to the shape of your face?

Can I return my sunglasses purchased in the Charly Therapy Outlet section?

Of course! The same conditions apply to our sunglasses sales section as to all our collections. You have 15 days from the date of receipt of your order to return one or more items to us. The refund will be made within 15 days of receipt.

We also want to make sure that you get glasses that you really love and that you do not need to make a return, take a look at our blog where we recommend the best glasses for each occasion and your face type.

How long will it take for my discounted sunglasses to arrive?

We offer fast delivery so you can enjoy your new sunglasses as soon as possible. Shipping in 24-48 hours in Spain, and between 1 and 5 days for the rest of Europe.