Silent hotel

Silent hotel is an imaginary place dedicated to the luxury of silence, a place where time has no hold, a place where to disconnect, an ideal place to enjoy relaxation.

A daydreaming atmosphere, close to the sea, rocked by the distant lapping of waves and the rustle of an old beach umbrella's fringes. The sun at the zenith offers us a game of shadows and lights between the large palm leaves. 

Breathe, let it go, surrender to the heat of sun's rays. In the calm, Time takes all its measure. And we are surprised to dream about another era. 

Charly Therapy presents its novelties of the season, inspired by the natural tones of this enchanted place: stone, amber and marble colors. The surrounding nature with exotic wood textures, beige, brown and dark green palm leaves. Summer flavors like sweets, peaches and cherries. Light with semi transparent frames as light as a little dress in cotton voile. And finally, matte textures as soft as a tanned skin.

Charly Therapy plays with our senses, and introduces the perfect sunglasses that will go everywhere with us this summer.

Rosie amber // Ref. ROS31

Rosie pink // Ref. ROS5

201904-lunettes de soleil mode 03.png

Charle in town tortoise transparent // Ref. CIT9 - Charles in town beige brown // Ref. CIT80

Ivo brown // Ref. IVO1 - Ivo blue flash //Ref. IVO20

201904-lunettes de soleil mode 08.pngBetty grey jelly // Ref. BET42

201904-lunettes de soleil mode 09.png

Blackbird tortoise // Ref. BB11

Salomé honey // Ref. SAL33 - Blackbird creme brown // Ref.BB80

201904-lunettes de soleil mode 13.png

Grace flash // Ref. GRA2