Blue light filter glasses

If you still do not understand what blue light is, we will explain it to you.

It is the blue-violet light or high-energy visible light that the human eye is capable of perceiving. Blue light is emitted naturally by the sun's rays and artificially by the screens of digital devices: smartphone, computer, television, tablet... The LED light of these screens emits a much higher percentage than natural sources and carries a risk for eye health.

Screen glasses by Charly Therapy

Blue light glasses are here to cover the need to protect your eyes when spending so much time in front of screens that emit blue light.



How do screens affect us?

Blue light glasses arrived to cover the need to protect the eyes when spending so much time in front of screens that emit blue light.

Are you aware of how much time you spend in front of a screen?

At home, at work, on the street, we are constantly exposed to screens. You work in front of a screen, and in your spare time you watch a series, or social networks, right? Like most of us… The average person spends about 10 hours in front of screens that emit blue light…

How many hours do you look at your phone a day?

Smartphone users look at their mobile phone about 150 times a day. Probably the first thing you do before going to sleep or when you wake up is look at your mobile. We have to change our habits and it is not an easy task but at least we can protect our eyes from harmful light coming from screens by wearing specialized glasses.

Where is harmful blue light found?

It is the light that comes from the visible light of LEDs and the screens of different devices (Smartphones, Tablets, computers…) have a much higher percentage of blue light than natural lights.

To this we must add the time spent in front of screens such as the computer, TV, tablet...

The risk of spending too much time in front of a screen

One of the risks of prolonged exposure to screens is Computer Visual Syndrome, which is the result of concentrating attention for a long time in front of screens such as computer screens.

Here are the four most common problems related to overexposure to blue light:

Sleep cycle disruption:

Blue light reduces the amount of melatonin and this hormone is one of our best friends when it comes to helping us fall asleep.

Dry eyes and tired eyesight:

Typical symptoms include: burning and stinging sensation, irritation and redness of the eyes, and sensitivity to light. They can also be accompanied by so-called computer vision syndrome, which is characterized by headaches, blurred vision, and neck and shoulder pain.

Eye fatigue:

By spending excessive hours during the day in front of digital devices, our eyes tend to become exhausted and can eventually even start to hurt. In addition to the symptoms described above related to Computer Vision Syndrome and digital eye strain, this usually means that it is more difficult to concentrate at work or any other activity that requires being in front of a screen.

Vision problems:

Another side effect of exposure to too much blue light is related to our eyes' ability to focus properly. By putting our eyes under a lot of pressure, we can worsen their ability to work, often resulting in vision problems.

What is eye strain?

If you have experienced the feeling of having dry eyes and discomfort, you can consider having experienced visual fatigue.

The most common symptoms include:

-Eye redness and a burning sensation

-More sensitivity to light

-The need to close your eyes very often


-Eye fatigue and itchy eyes

-Dry eyes or watery eyes

-neck and shoulder pain

-Blurred vision or double vision


What do Computer Glasses have?

These glasses are equipped with a filter that blocks up to 40% of blue light.

How can I tell the difference between normal glasses and blue filter glasses?

Our filter glasses have a lens that, instead of being transparent, has a very soft yellow tone and blue flashes that can be seen on the glass.

What are the benefits of wearing blue light filter glasses?

The biggest benefit of wearing them in addition to protection against blue light is that it combats visual fatigue, reduces the sensation of glare helping to have a more comfortable vision and provides adequate contrast to colors.


Reduces visual fatigue


Reduces the feeling of glare

Complement all your outfits

Other benefits of wearing blue light glasses

-Improve focus when developing your activities

-Reduces glare and eyestrain in front of screens

-Helps improve posture and well-being

-Improves sleep cycles

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Who are Computer Glasses useful for?

Blue light filter glasses are useful for professionals and students who work in front of a computer screen but also for people who spend many hours at a time with their smartphone, television or video games.

If one of your hobbies is gaming, these types of glasses are the best investment since so many hours in front of a screen can cause visual fatigue. Together with these glasses you can make your experience more relaxed and help you concentrate for many hours. These glasses are ideal to accompany you in virtual tournaments.

Are you worried about how they will look on you?

It may be that you are worried about the way you will look or you are not used to wearing glasses, we have different types of shapes so that you can find the ideal one for you. It is not always necessary to sacrifice your looks to take care of yourself.

How is the care for this type of glasses?

Very easy! You just have to take care of them as if they were your most precious treasure. All your glasses include a microfiber cover, ideal for delicately cleaning your lenses and preventing scratches.

When should I wear blue light filter glasses?

These types of glasses are the ones you should always have with you in your daily bag or backpack. If you work exposed to screens, go to university, love series marathons or video games, surely these types of glasses will become your best friends.

Discover our glasses for screens in different styles that protect your eyes by filtering 40% of the blue light emitted by screens.

They these glasses suitable for video games?

The answer is totally yes. This collection seeks to adapt and avoid visual fatigue to all kinds of needs, from professionals to entertainment, which is why they are perfect to protect you while you are playing your video games.

These gaming glasses will be with you during your hours in front of your equipment, whether they are computers, tablets or monitors. The best feature of this type of glasses is the ability to block 40% of the blue light emitted by the screen to be able to enjoy with greater peace of mind, reducing possible headaches, dry eyes, etc.

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