Step into the lush vegetation and find our bold feminine sunglasses amongst the leaves and the sun's rays. Play voyeur in this Urban Safari deployed in the heart of Barcelona and fill yourself with refreshing summer glamor.

The main protagonists of your sightings will be the oversize glasses and cat eye styles that are taking the scene in 2021. For them, the unisex mask style sunglasses stand out, the most futuristic model of the Charly Therapy collection.

Angled frames have a special place in this exotic Safari. With its vintage 80s style, you will get a unique retro-chic style and also be protected thanks to its UV400 total protection filter.

Don't miss out on our lightweight polycarbonate glasses. Hunt your favorites and delight yourself with our appetizing colors. 

Jerry pink // Ref. JER5 - Jerry wood // Ref. JER54 - Jerry military // Ref. JER17

Jerry concha // Ref. JER09

Angèle leo // Ref. ANG15

Tom savana // Ref TOM80 - Tom black & tortoise // Ref. TOM7

Niza black // Ref. NIZ3

Rosie almond & tortoise // Ref. ROS51

Elisa tortoise // Ref. ELI11

Tom military // Ref. TOM17

Belmont tortoise // Ref. BEL19

Tina red // Ref. TIN32

Elisa leo // Ref. ELI15

Charles in town taup & black // Ref. CIT82

Niza tortoise // Ref. NIZ11

Audrey leo // Ref. AUD15

Tom amber // Ref. TOM31

Audrey snake // Ref. AUD90

Elisa peach // Ref. ELI31