Charly Therapy - The concept


More than 100 trendy references with a very attractive unique price and displayed within a handmade furniture.

Charly Therapy it's about :

  • Sunglasses of quality which fit to European Standards (CEN). Sun protection : Full UV filtration (UV 400).

  • A fresh and trendy collection.

  • A never out-of-stock program available in 3 working days into your shop.

  • A “handmade” furniture, easy to set up, available in 4 different sizes and which will integrate perfectly into your shop.

  • A simple and graphic online order platform with an always updated stock.

Are you thinking about introducing Charly Therapy into your shop?

Ask for all the details at . We will contact you in short!


Charly Therapy in your shops

Señorita Naif- Salamanca

My room - Madrid

Boutique Mieux - Bordeaux

mayorista gafas de sol.jpg

Ananas - Castellón

charly therapy boutique.jpg

Houze Atelier du cuir - Paris

distributeurs charly therapy.jpg

Emi & Milie - Lyon

mayorista gafas de sol.jpg

Nowe - Bordeaux

charly therapy boutique.jpg

Blogged dieboutique - Würzburg

distributeurs charly therapy.jpg

Peau d'âme et suite - Clermont-l'Hérault