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29,00 €

New product


Screen protection glasses or blue light glasses protect your eyes by filtering 40% of the blue light emitted by the screens.

Overexposure to artificial light emitted by blue LED light sources carries a risk to visual health. If you are using devices with digital screens (smartphone, tablet, computer or television) frequently, it's recommended to wear screen protection glasses.

Round metal sunglasses. A big classic every season. A must for all shapes of face. With its discreet and light frame, this timeless design is fashioned for classy people and retro-modern styles.

  • Metal frame : rose gold
  • Lenses : blue light protection : Filter 40% of blue light
  • Included: a soft microfiber protection, perfect for cleaning your lenses
  • Size  Lens height : 5,4 cm / Front width : 14,5 cm / Temple length : 15 cm

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