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Cat eye sunglasses are here to stay....

Cat eye sunglasses are here to stay....

Cat eye sunglasses are the trend of 2019

If you have walked down the streets this months, you may have noticed that cat eye sunglasses are everywhere. This trend is a sure hit for this summer and without exaggeration has come to stay.

We all agree that sunglasses are the indispensable accessory, it is thanks to them that we can turn our look around. One day opt for a risky trend and the next day for a classic look.

Where does the famous cat eye come from?

They began to raze in the 50´s thanks to actresses like Grace Kelly or Ava Gadner, and returned in the late 70´s as you can see in the movie Grease. Again we can see the boom they are causing this season, with varieties of colors and sizes. We cannot deny that they are the queens of glamor.

In Charly Therapy we have opted for this trend and we have a variety of sizes, colors and patterns for all tastes.

Our BETTY ,  JULIETA y ROMEA models are absolutely inescapable!