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More blue light for our eyes during Social Distancing times.

More blue light for our eyes during Social Distancing times.

Be Aware! Our eyes are now more exposed than ever.

Just like you, many people have exponentially increased screen exposure these days. Did you know that in several European countries some telecom operators already report an increase of up to 50% in internet use? This means that you are currently not only been exposed to your regular screen time on a normal working day but that you are using every screen you own to exercise, communicate with your family and friends and to keep up with all those Netflix series that you have on your bucket list. But, consider that this overexposure to all these screens could have some negative consequences. LED screens emit blue light waves and, in the long term, they may cause problems such as eye fatigue, difficulty falling asleep, headaches and even macular degeneration.

How can we protect our eyes from overexposing them to screens?

In order to take care of our eyes and prevent us from having any problems associated with digital eye strain, it is recommended to use Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses while you work at home, look at your social media or catch up on that series that you like so much. Blue light glasses can help you with the overexposure to screens that you are experiencing during these weeks.

Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses are good for the whole family and, in addition to being very cool and comfortable, they could help us sleep better and avoid annoying headaches.

What Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses to wear?

Without a doubt, Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses are a good option to protect our eyes during this social distancing time,  when we know we will be in front of our screens for much more time than usual.

We leave you here below some very cool options you could consider, and two additional recommendations: make sure you always work with the appropriate lighting and don't forget to look away from your screen every 20 minutes and look away at a distant object for at least 20 seconds.

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